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NZQA Update Term 1, 2019

CGHS Publication —

In term 1, all Year 11 – 13 students have had an updated talk regarding expectations around NCEA for 2019. The NCEA Parent evening will be held on 7 May in the evening for those who wish to know more.

For parents who have students starting their NCEA journey, in the meantime, you may want to consider downloading the NCEA Guide via a mobile App, that has been developed by NZQA. This App has been specifically designed for parents, and provides information around how NCEA works, how many credits are needed for each Level, alongside information around both year and subject endorsements.

If you are wanting specific information regarding expectations around internal assessment procedures, please have a look at the information sheet ‘NCEA – Internal Assessment Information for Parents & Students’ which is found on Onstream.

NZQA fees have now been added to all accounts for students, the amount is $76.70. The school collects this fee on behalf of NZQA and are due to the school by Friday 16th August. If you need a financial assistance form it can be downloaded here.

Other important dates that may be of interest include:

  • Level 1 Maths MCAT – Week 9 of Term 3. This is an external Mathematics examination for some or our Year 11 students, that is outside the end of year examination period.
  • School Examinations – Week 8 and 9 of Term 3. These examinations are to determine derived grades for the end of year.
  • Friday 8 November, NCEA and NZ Scholarship examinations commence. The timetable can be found HERE