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2021 Maatangi Whenua
Photo by CGHS Publication

2021 Maatangi Whenua Geography Quiz

Renee Coombes —

On 12th August, Year 11 Geography students attended the University of Canterbury annual Maatangi Whenua Geography quiz.

The students were Sofia Chapman, Willow Kite, Pip Baker, Kate Weastell, Annabel Harmer and Preena Patel. The competition consisted of eight rounds, which included challenges such as Māori place names, flag identification, making geographical features out of playdoh, Blue's Clues and current events. 

While we didn't manage to dominate the competition, with a team from Shirley Boys' coming out on top, we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the free pizza and other kai. 

The presenter, Professor Simon Kingham was very entertaining with his dad jokes and stories and, overall, it was an enjoyable learning experience and a great way for us to get engaged in some real Geography.  

2021 Maatangi Whenua — Image by: CGHS Publication