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Mathematics - Level 1 (MAT101/MAT102/MAT103/ NUM101)


Qualification: NCEA Level 1

Entry requirements: None.

Content/Skills: In Year 11 you will cover topics in Number, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Graphing, Statistics and Probability. In Term 4 your Year 10 Mathematics teacher will discuss the various Year 11 Mathematics Courses available and suggest which course would best suit your learning needs. Your suggested placement is based on your Year 10 results and you will be able to decide which course you want to do. The Year 11 courses are MAT101, MAT102, MAT103 or NUM101.

The Achievement Standards you will do will vary depending on the class you are in. Specific information on the standards covered will be given to you at the start of Year 11.

Field Trips: None.

Course Costs:

A Casio Graphics Calculator is highly recommended for this course. The approximate cost is $140.

Please be aware that this course has associated costs. You will be requested to make contributions connected to its delivery. These costs are up to 3 Workbooks which cost up to $20.

There are also stationary costs associated with this course.


Internal Achievement Standards – up to 6 standards and up to 16 credits

External Achievement Standards – up to 3 standards and up to 12 credits

Where does it lead? NCEA Level 2 Mathematics

For further information see Ms Hooper.