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Subject Choice
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Level 2 Subject Choices


A Year 12 student will study for Level 2 NCEA in 6 subjects.

Course Selection and Entry to Year 12. See the presentation HERE

Year 12 students must consider whether their course will enable them to achieve their reading and writing credits for University Entrance. English is now optional at the Year 12 level, and the reading and writing credits are able to be gained from other subjects. If a student has not gained 10 numeracy credits at Level 1, a Mathematics course will be needed to gain University Entrance.

Students who have found some subjects difficult may wish to consider a multi-level course, e.g. Level 1 Maths or Level 1 English. Every effort is made to meet these wishes.

Before they make their tentative subject choice it is suggested that students bear the following points in mind.

  1. Read the subject descriptions which have been provided by the Heads of Learning Areas and discuss these with your parents. Note subjects which cannot be taken without a Year 11 background. Also note subjects which do not continue into Year 13.
  2. Be realistic when choosing; think of where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
  3. Look carefully at the Year 13 subjects listed to the right of Year 12 subjects so that it is QUITE CLEAR what subjects could be continued and/or what subjects could be taken without a Year 12 background. Remember that a new subject in Year 13 would require an additional work load.

Many students are individually counselled by Mrs Thatcher (Careers) before their courses are finalised. Other staff who can offer advice include Year 11 teachers, your subject teachers and Mrs Bailey.

Some Information About NCEA Level 2

Level 2 NCEA will operate in a similar way to Level 1 in all subjects. There will be a mixture of internal Achievement Standards (assessed during the year) and external Achievement Standards (assessed in an examination at the end of the year). Some subjects will offer Unit Standards. Some of these Unit Standards may not count towards University Entrance. Most subjects will offer fewer than the maximum 24 credits at around 20 in total.

Criteria for a Level 2 National Certificate

  • Minimum of 80 credits, with 60 of these at Level 2 or above.
  • 20 credits can be carried forward from Level 1.
  • Refer to University Entrance requirements, 10 credits in reading and writing are usually gained at Level 2, but are also available through level 3 courses.