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Introduction - 2023 Subject Choices


Dear Parents and Students

The Curriculum Handbook describes all the subjects that students are able to choose during their course of study at Christchurch Girls' High School/ Te Kura o Hine Waiora

The purpose of this publication is to help you make the best subject choices to meet your particular needs. You need to study the options available very closely and fully discuss these with your parents and teachers and the school's guidance staff if necessary.

Once you and your daughter have made the subject choices for 2023, they must be entered onto the Parent Portal by the 24th August.

Help is available from....

• your parents
• the Guidance Counsellors
• your Subject Teachers
• your Ako Teacher
• your Dean

Course details and/or costs may be subject to change.

Student Presentations can be viewed:
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12
Year 13

Subject Choice Tips

Step One: Work out what subjects you enjoy

  • Think about the subjects which you like, that you are taking now
  • Look ahead to see what new subjects are available next year and if any of these appeal to you
  • Check the entry criteria for these subjects

Step Two: Work out which subjects you are good at

Step Three: Find out what subjects you may need for your career ideas

  • Go to the Careers NZ website, www.careers.govt.nz and check careers you are interested in. What subjects would you need for them?
  • Use the interactive tools on the website:

Subject Matcher: provides job ideas based on subjects you like
Jobs by interest: this identifies jobs related to areas of work which interest you
Career  Quest: a quiz to match your interests to different jobs
Skill Matcher: a fun way to match the skills you have now to possible jobs/careers

  • Use the Subject Choice Afternoon as an opportunity to talk to the Heads of Departments about what different subjects cover and where they can lead
  • Check the university, polytechnic and private provider websites, too, to see what subjects are required for entry to their courses.

Not sure what career would suit you?

  • If you are unsure of your future directions, it is best to keep your options open
  • Some subjects can be picked up later and others can't, so make sure you do take the ones which won't be offered later, if this will give you more choices