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PTA Secondhand Uniform Shop
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PTA Secondhand Uniform Shop


The PTA Secondhand Uniform Shop will be open twice more this year. Saturday 9th November and Saturday 14th December from 12pm - 1.30pm.

The PTA administers the second hand uniform shop as a service to families and as a fundraising venture for the benefit of the school with the PTA taking 30% of sales. Dates of the uniform shop for selling and receiving will be advertised on the  CGHS PTA Facebook page and also on the school newsletter and on the school website. EFTPOS is available for sales. Please refer to the PTA Facebook page for instructions for bringing items to the shop to be sold - please note blazers and kilts must be dry-cleaned please. All items must be in good condition with no rips or heavy stains. 

If you want to sell your uniform through the PTA shop, you will need to print off the form attached below and provide the required information.