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English - Level 3 (ENL 302)


Qualification: NCEA Level 3

Students opting for Level 3 English need to understand that a high degree of effort, self management and organizational skills is required for success at this level of study. Students are also expected to embrace and strive to demonstrate our school values of whanaungatanga, aroha, rangatiratanga and manaakitanga.

Field Trips:  Individual teachers may decide to take students on field trips.  Information regarding such trips would be sent out several weeks in advance.

Possible Course Costs:  Students are encouraged to purchase their novel and/or Shakespearean drama from the school office. There are stationery costs associated with this course.  Students may be asked to make a contribution to help cover costs of any performances organised throughout the year associated with these courses.


ENL 302 - Unlocking the Written Word

This course is for students who enjoy studying a range of written texts.  Students who wish to continue their writing focus from ENW 201 could take this course and opt to complete the writing folio.


3.8 (91479) Critical Texts (4) (R)

Two out of:

3.5 (91476) Oral Presentation (optional) (3)

3.4 (91475) Writing Folio(6) (W)

3.7 (91478) Connections (4) 


Students should complete both of these 

3.1 (91472) Written Text (4) (R/W))

3.3 (91474) Unfamiliar Text (4) (R/W)


Where does it lead? Students who study English develop excellent analytical skills, strong oral communication abilities, essay writing skills and a command of written language which is essential for success in any tertiary programme.

For further information see Dr. Williamson or Ms. Dyne.