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Photo by CGHS Publication

Year 11 Casio Mathematics Competition at Hagley College

Julie Olsen —

On the evening of Wednesday, 23rd of June, four students (Anna-Marie Browne, Ayeka Gunasekera, Victoria Elegarle, Naina Manoj) formed a team in order to compete in the Year 11s Casio Mathematics Competition at Hagley College.

We prepared ourselves the day before by going through some papers given by Ms Olson and poured in a lot of time and effort to prepare for this night which turned out to be a fun and knowledgeable night for everyone there.

It was an exciting night, with different schools around us competing in a very fun environment. Most rounds were on paper for us to solve with one lighting round done by the amazing Anne-Marie with Ayeka, Victoria and Naina cheering her on and having amazing laughs together. We ended the night with a snack provided by the college and sang some Queen and ABBA songs. We may not have won but the fun and the experience we had was incredible and was worth it.