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Economics (option)- Year 10


The teachers in charge of this course are Mr Blyth, Mrs Boyd, Miss Price and Ms Malcolm.

Year 10 Economics is designed to make students more knowledgeable consumers and to introduce students to some of the economic concepts which will help them to participate more effectively in the workforce. This course is a lot of fun and great preparation for further study in Economics or Accounting or Business Studies in the senior school.

The units of work we will cover include:

  • Enterprise Studies - Students will learn about enterprising people and about how to set up their own small business. This section culminates in working as part of a group to produce and sell a product, to put into practice the skills developed and to see if students can make a profit which they get to keep (after tax).
  • Consumer Rights and Responsibilities - This unit introduces students to their rights when students buy faulty goods or unsatisfactory services. Students learn about their rights and obligations when buying from door-to-door salespeople or on lay-by and time payments. Contracts are discussed, as are the agencies which are there to help students.
  • Savings, Borrowing and Credit - We cover the various ways in which students can save and we look at banking services. We also cover traps to avoid when buying on credit.
  • Accounting - Students will be introduced to Accounting concepts and learn how to prepare financial statements. Accounting can be studied as a separate subject in Year 11 and this introductory unit will enable students to have some experience of it before making their course selections.
  • Sharemarket - Students will learn how the sharemarket works, how to interpret financial information and how to trade shares.
  • Demand - You will learn about the factors which influence the demand for goods and services and how price affects the quantity demanded. You will also be introduced to some of the skills you will learn to apply throughout your future study of Economics.
  • Resources - In this topic you learn about the different groups of resources and some of the methods producers can use to improve their efficiency so they can reduce their costs and increase their profits.

Course Costs: There are stationery costs associated with this course.