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Science - Year 10


Science - Year 10

Three periods per week

The Year 10 Science course forms the second part of a two year programme which covers the National Curriculum for Science.

Students will be encouraged to develop their scientific skills and attitudes, acquire knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Planet Earth and there will be opportunities to develop the key competencies and to strengthen their Science Capabilities. These are gathering and interpreting data, using and critiquing evidence, interpreting representations (diagrams, models etc.) and engaging with Science. Students will attend classes in a fully equipped laboratory and be encouraged to carry out practical investigations in small groups with their classmates.

Students will study the following topics:

  • Chemistry
    Students will study atomic structure, acids, bases, chemical reactions and plastics.
  • Biology
    Students will study adaptations of living things, species changing over time and genetics.
  • Physics
  • Students will study forces and motion in one dimension, electricity and energy. and carry out investigations using model wind turbines. 
  • The Geology of New Zealand
    Students will learn about continental drift, plate tectonics, faults and folding, earthquakes, volcanoes, erosion and weathering.
  • Careers in Science
  • Students will find out what careers there are for students of Science, Maths and Technology and read about some young people who have careers in these areas to find out about their stories of how they got into the jobs they are in.
  • Climate Change
  • Students will learn about the causes and the impacts climate change.

There will be common knowledge assessment and skills assessments at the end of each term and a common 90 minute examination at the end of the year. Grades in this course, as well as students’ mathematics grades, will determine which Science course is suitable to do in Year 11.

Course Costs: Please be aware that this course has an associated cost. You will be requested to make a contribution connected to its delivery of approximately $20 for a workbook. There are stationery costs associated with this course.