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Junior Production 2021
Photo by Izzy Phoon

Junior House Production 2021

Jennifer Morrison —

The 2021 Junior House Production was a great success!

 House teams of year 9s & 10s acted to the best of their abilities in the Grimm’s Stories, by David McPhail. These stories included: Cinderella, Rapunzel, Rumplestiltskin, and Lord Thrushbeard. 

Junior Production 2021 — Image by: Izzy Phoon

Overall everyone had a lot of fun and showed great teamwork!. And a special thanks goes out to Miss Tinworth and Mrs Garrett, who oversaw the production and helped us whenever we needed! In the end, house points/awards earned were as follows:

-Rolleston 190 (won best Fairy Story and best actor) Fairy story- Lord Thrushbeard. Best Actor- Prisha Saini

-Sheppard 150 (won best director) Director- Jennifer Morrison

-Selwyn 90 (won best team member and best support crew) Team member- Chloe Manson, Support Crew- Lily Pilkington

-Harper 90 (won best team member) Team member- Maggie Kirkland

-Connon 60

-Deans 50 (won most spirited actor) Spirited member- Lily Saunders

Junior Production 2021 — Image by: Izzy Phoon

Great job everyone!

Junior House Production 2021 — Image by: PhotoLife