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Subject Choice
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Level 1 Subject Choices


All students take English, Mathematics and Science. All students take three additional subjects. This allows for increased flexibility in subject choice in the future.

Course selection for Level 1 - Click HERE to see the presentation.

All classes fulfill the requirements of the National Curriculum, and prepare students for NCEA Level 1 qualifications.

While some subjects can be picked up at Level 1, others cannot. Chinese (through Te kura in 2022 and beyond), French, German and Te Reo Māori require prior knowledge. Students need the permission of the Head of Learning Area to pick up Art and Music. On the other hand Accounting, Classical Studies, Drama, Fabric Technology, Food and Nutrition, Economics, Geography, Graphics, History, Digital Technologies and Physical Education can be started at this level.

Students should look ahead to the subjects offered at Level 2 and 3 and ensure that they are thinking of their future tertiary education. Our Level 1 subjects are broad and offer students a range of skills and thinking processes which will enable students to participate confidently in well-informed discussion, enhance their enjoyment of life and provide an insight into their personal strengths which can be developed in further education.

Students should choose subjects in which they have an interest and in which they can succeed.

Criteria for a Level 1 National Certificate

  • 80 credits at Level 1 or above, which includes literacy (10 credits) and numeracy (10 credits) requirements. This is across all subjects.

Literacy and numeracy requirements for NCEA Level 1

Students can meet the literacy and numeracy requirements by achieving the new unit standards in literacy and numeracy or by achieving specified achievement standards.

Literacy requirement

Specified achievement standards available through a range of subjects: minimum total of 10 credits

Numeracy requirement - minimum of 10 credits through:

Specified achievement standards available through a range of subjects: minimum total of 10 credits