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Staff Matters – Updates and Changes for 2019

CGHS Publication —

This year we welcome several talented new staff to our Girls’ High family.

Staff away on Leave for 2019

· On leave for 2019, Tina Hartwell (Guidance), Carolyn Heyward (full year study leave)

New Staff for 2019

· In Science we welcome Matthew Hunter and Simon Kersten

· Sue Fayter is full-time in Mathematics. Matthew Hunter and Simon Kersten also join the Mathematics department. Phil Stevenson and Belle Wallace-Cochrane are returning from leave. Noel Isaac will be joining the department part-time for term 1 and 2.

· Jenny Morrison joins us again for 2019 across multiple learning areas.

· The English Learning Area are welcoming Andrew Williamson

· Kylie Ang and Yaelle Pochon will join the languages department. Yaelle will also cover Technology classes for Term 1 and 2.

· Megan Temple has joined the Guidance team part-time for 2019.

· Kate Weir and Julia Hodgson are both joining the PE and Health Department.

· Our new teaching assistants for 2019 are Hannah Sansom and Elizabeth McElrea. Jo Day has also been reappointed.

· Linda Burak will be in Careers as the Future Pathways Assistant.

· Claire Morris is joining the Social Sciences Faculty

Also welcome back from leave to Kaitlin Tinworth.

Congratulations to Hannah Beatson who will be taking up an Acting HOD Physical Education role at Darfield later on in the term.

Rob Frier will be the Acting Assistant Principal for Term 1 and 2.