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Classical Studies - Level 1

Sonja Bailey —

In a sense Classics is the first and oldest area of study - the field is not limited to a single method or discipline, but instead investigates Greek and Roman culture and its influence up to the present day in all its richness and diversity, its familiarity and strangeness.

Qualification: NCEA Level 1

Entry requirements: None.

Content: Classical Studies involves a range of disciplines such as history, literature, and art criticism, which makes it constantly fresh and challenging, and it encourages mental versatility. Contexts may include: Roman Mosaics and temples, Roman Bath Houses, Sophocles’ Antigone, Roman Slavery, and the influence of ancient ideas and values on those of the modern world.

Skills: Throughout your studies, you develop the ability to research, collate and analyse a range of materials. You also learn to critically evaluate and interpret resources to form logical arguments.

Course costs: $10 for the write-on workbook.


Internal Achievement Standards

Level 1    2 Achievement Standards    6 credits each

External Achievement Standards

Level 1    2 Achievement Standards    4 credits each

Where does it lead? NCEA Level 2

Careers: Art / museum curator     Architect     Editor     Lawyer     Marketing     Project manager     Landscape designer     Actor     Teacher     Tour guide     Mediation     Journalist     Business     Copywriter     Archivist     Academic director     Medicine     Parliamentary officer     Art director     Researcher

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