Monetary Policy ChallengesL-R: Akeira Worthington, Sarah Bates, Charlotte Partington, Beth Wray, MP David Seymour, Lily Trotter  by Alastair Blyth

Monetary Policy Challenge 2018

A group of five of our top senior economists, Charlotte Partington, Sarah Bates, Lily Trotter, Akeira Worthington and Beth Wray took part in the prestigious annual Monetary Policy Challenge run by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

 Based on an online presentation the girls completed, they earned a place in the final (one of six teams). They travelled to Wellington to present a well polished and analytical speech about the Official Cash Rate and the reasons behind their recommendation about what the RBNZ should do with it in the current economic climate. 

 They presented this to a panel of senior Reserve Bank economists including John McDermott, the Assistant Governor at the Reserve Bank. The girls were then asked a  range of high levels questions, which they had to work as a team to answer using the knowledge they gained during training sessions with Mr Blyth. Highlights of the trip including meeting David Seymour, a lunch at Wagamama on the waterfront and a viewing of Parliament in session.