Model UN by CGHS

Model United Nations

United Nations Youth conferences are run for youth by youth; these are held at regional, national and international levels. Those who attend these events gain many important skills, such as public speaking, negotiation and become able to critically examine the world through different perspectives.

 We are proud that CGHS continually has large groups of students attend these conferences. The first conference of this year was Canterbury Model United Nations in which both new and experienced students were given the opportunity to grow their skills. This year, there were many students who were selected to attend national conferences: Aotearoa Youth Declaration, which allows young people to have a voice on current issues and be heard by the New Zealand Government, New Zealand Model United Nations and New Zealand Model Parliament. 

We are also pleased to announce that Julia Welsh and Stephanie Lester have been elected onto the 2019 UN Youth Canterbury Council and that alongside this, Stephanie Lester has also been selected to be a part of the 2019 Global Development Tour, an educational tour across many countries. UN Youth events continue to be a highlight of many girls’ years and allow them to form lifelong bonds with like-minded students.