Lifesaving by CGHS

Life Saving

This year there was again a keen group of girls across every year group who took part in the Royal Life Saving awards programme.

The year starts with the organisation of groups and assigning instructors. The year 9’s start with Bronze Star; they are given a couple of senior students to instruct them over 6 – 8 training sessions. As the year levels go up the students complete the different awards. This year 25 year 9’s passed Bronze Star; 17 students passed Bronze Medallion, 11 students passed Bronze Cross and 7 students passed Award of Merit. Thank you to the girls who also instructed, 21 in all. Some of these were first timers and so received their Instructors Award. This year for the first time since 2011 3 girls completed Distinction. The practical and theoretical elements required for this are challenging; well done to Caitlin Fry, Anna Coppens and Olivia Austin for gaining this award. Thank you to Mrs Pinkney who co-ordinates Life Saving at CGHS.