Rock ClimbingStudents competing at Waitaki Exchange by CGHS

Rock Climbing

In this invigorating and sociable sport, personal records have been broken by the Christchurch Girls’ High School Rock Climbing Group.

In 2018 we have raised the bar and climbed our way to new heights. We gathered every Wednesday at the YMCA Roxx, proudly portraying our CGHS values as we interacted with numerous other high schools. Because we’re such a diverse group, friendships were formed across all year groups. Indoor rock climbing is a sport that’s available in any season, through sun or storm, rain or snow. New members are warmly welcomed at any time of the year.

Rock climbing presents the rare opportunity to mingle with students from other schools as friends instead of opponents, with the chance to form new friendships or give each other tips on how to improve. Only on the occasion of a competition does the rivalry begin between each school. This year, unfortunately, we were unable to compete in the annual South Island Secondary Schools’ Climbing Competition. However, in late June a small group of us took part in the Waitaki Exchange and ended up tying first place after an intriguing morning of playful competition.

Unlike other sports, rock climbing is more involving on a personal level. Challenges and goals differ between us, each unique to our own strengths and flaws. There is always knowledge to improve on, or a new technique to learn and perfect. Stamina, perseverance, and self-motivation are pushed to the limits because, at the end of the day, we are responsible for the progress we have made over the year.

We are forever grateful to Mrs Passchier for keeping this group running over the countless past years, and now to Mr Lewis who has taken on the challenge of keeping our climbing group as fun and lively as ever.