by Megan Kong

Sports at Christchurch Girls' High School

There are a wide range of sports available at Christchurch Girls' High School, from Archery to Waterpolo, there is a sport available to suit everyone.

 Students are encouraged to participate in a sport to improve their physical health and wellbeing, to encourage team work and for social connection. The schools commitment to excellence is also present in our sporting endeavors, with several of our top teams holding National and Regional titles. Students in our representative teams for Field Hockey and Rugby participate in a professionally run development and coaching programme. If you are interested in either our Hockey or Rugby programmes please email for further details. Both Hockey and Rugby are Winter sports in NZ and are played from April till October. Preparation for these teams starts in Term 1 so any student considering a specialist sports programmes needs to ensure their enrolment starts in Term 1 of the Academic year and continues to the end of Term 3.