by Megan Kong

CGHS School Experience

Christchurch Girls’ High School Te Kura o Hine Waiora offers a full classroom and school experience with access to the entire school curriculum and immersion into classrooms, supported by either by ESOL tutors or ESOL classes.

Christchurch Girls' High School is one of the top single-sex high schools in New Zealand.

Established in 1877, the decile 9 school has a longstanding tradition of providing an extremely high standard of education for girls. 

At Christchurch Girls’ High School, there are high expectations for positive outcomes for all students.

The shared commitment to excellence across the school community remains very evident.

Senior student achievement information, over time, reflects sustained levels of student success. This includes:

  • consistently high roll-based achievement across NCEA Levels 1-3 that is significantly higher than national comparisons
  • very high achievement in literacy and numeracy
  • almost all girls leaving the school with the NCEA Level 2 or 3 qualification.

Christchurch Girls’ High School currently has no compliance notices or conditions imposed upon it under the Educations Act 2001 which ‘present risks to the operation of individual schools or to the welfare or educational performance of their students’. (Section 78H of the Education Standards Act 2001). Our 2020 ERO Report can be found online here:

International students are enrolled in full immersion classes along with their domestic peers. They are supported with ESOL tutors and we have a range of subjects delivered with an ESOL focus such as English and Maths. Depending on availability students can select a range of subjects to personalise a programme of study. More information can be found in our curriculum handbook here:

There are dozens of school clubs, groups and sports teams that students can join, and various school events such as International Food Day, Pink Day and Sports Day are held throughout the school year.