by Michelle Pinkney


The CGHS and the Old Girls’ Association Archives are looked after by the CGHS Librarian/Archivist. The collection includes scanned copies of CGHS school magazines and prospectuses from the year 1900. Enjoy perusing a selection of this wonderful material which offers an insight into the rich history and tradition of CGHS and New Zealand.

Magazines and prospectuses from 1900 to 2000 have been scanned so far. During the scanning process, gaps were found in the collection. If you have a CGHS Prospectus for any year between 1951 to 1981 (inclusive) or 1987 and can lend it to the school to scan, the school would be very grateful.

A selection of magazines is below. If you would like to view a specific magazine or prospectus not shown below, please contact the Librarian/Archivist.

Any questions about the CGHS archives should be directed to the CGHS Librarian/Archivist, Mrs Linley Earnshaw, 348 0849.