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Are you digitally up to date?

Stefi Porter —

Now is the time to ensure your digital presence is up to date and you are putting your best foot forward.

With the world and our prospective students more digitally engaged than ever, it is critical that we remain digitally active and that the information available is up to date and relevant on all your platforms.

Most of you will have your own websites.
Work on it, make sure that it is easy for international students and agents to find and understand the information they need. 
Tell them why you are the right fit for them, their child or their client and showcase what student life really looks like. 
Make yourself and your team visible, (I love the way CCEL's team has done this) so students and parents can put a face to the name and know who they are talking to and will be engaging with once here.

If you are using Hail, make the most of it, get your students and teachers to contribute to your newsletters, online brochures etc.
Students LOVE User Generated Content (UGC) and Hail is a super easy tool use and collaborate on.
Please let me know (stefi.porter@christchurcheducated.co.zn) if you would like to hear more about Hail or if you feel its time for a refresher or upskill session and I can organise it.

The Christchurch Educated Website gets a lot of traffic and you are on it! Please check your listings and contact me if any changes, updates or additions are required. 
You can add more images too if you like. 

Most of you will also have a presence on the Study In New Zealand Website from ENZ.
Make sure your listing is up to date. Over the last few years, ENZ has heavily invested in a giant digital machine (virtual that is) that supports and guides students from their first consideration about NZ to them sharing photos and videos of their life here. The more accurate the information the better the experience. Use your institution login (see image below) to make any changes. 

Image by: Stefi Porter

What about Social Media, Facebook or WeChat? 
As a rule of thumb, do it well or not at all. 
UGC is again a key factor for students to be engaged but if you don't have the resources (time and possibly money to boost and promote things), you may do more harm than good. If you are interested to hear more, please let me know and I see whether we could do another Social Media 101 or similar seminar.