by Stefi Porter

NauMai NZ

Education New Zealand just launched their great new platform for international students in New Zealand.

NauMai NZ is an open source, research based, digital platform designed to increase students’ preparedness for studying, living and working in New Zealand. The site recognises that the student journey encompasses all aspects of a student’s life and their engagement in the community in which they live.

What can be found on NauMai NZ

Government Information

City/Town pages

  • Information and advice to help students ‘live like a local’
  • Fifteen city and town pages with information and links on study and student life, transport, medical and emergency information, outdoor activities, plus quick facts and suggested activities

Goal Setting

  • Five goals students have identified as important for wellbeing and inclusion
  • Advice and suggestions to help students get started on any or all of these goals

Mental Wellbeing Literacy

  • Setting and managing expectations as well as information about the range of emotions a new international student will likely encounter
  • Definitions, advice, and suggestions to support students' improved wellbeing
  • A Mood feature that will help self-identify moods, and provide connected information and suggestions

An introduction to New Zealand culture, language and lifestyle, tikanga Māori and te reo Māori

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