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Photo by Tracey Young

WOW Writing

Tracey Young —

We have some very talented writers here at Clearview. Check out the following pieces of writing from Tora Maitland (HB35) and Jacob Roy (HB8). Jacob is currently writing his own Minecraft chapters during Free Choice Writing time!

The Ice Queen is here to stay,

It was she who chased king summer away,

As long as she reins,

The dew drops will stain,

The grass who wanted a holiday,

The plants were dusted with dew overnight,

Which then froze in the morning light,

The sun is trapped in a high up cage,

With nothing to do but write words on a page,

The grass crunches under my feet,

As I step outside to the world I meet,

My world is now a world of white,

So I dive in with all my might.

By Tora Maitland HB35

The following extract is a passage from Jacob's Minecraft chapter story:

One time I was in Minecraft and my brother really told me off because I blew up his house with TNT!  Nine days after this event he found a strange village in Minecraft.   I started to make a mansion out of a whole different variety of blocks that could be part of this village.  Of course, now my brother had finally decided to help me with what had turned into a nine-storey house.