Hero photograph
Photo by Tracey Young

Smoke-Free Cars for Children

Tracey Young —

Student Ambassadors 2019

This year the 2019 Student Ambassadors are continuing their partnership with the Rolleston Cancer Society. We have been supporting Amanda and the team with their latest campaign to help promote smoke-free cars.

Why is having smoke free cars is so important? This is because:

· We need to protect children from the risk of serious medical conditions that come from being in smoke-filled cars

· Smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals at least, some of these chemicals can potentially cause cancer

· Children can get sick if they breathe in second-hand smoke because their lungs are smaller and they have a faster breathing rate.

This Friday in the cafe area, we will be collecting student and parent voice on this topic. Pop in and see us first thing in the morning or straight after school to share your thoughts on this very important issue. You will also have the opportunity to get your photo taken if you wish with “Herbie”. Thanks again to those who have already shown their support and completed a postcard to our local member of parliament!