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Future Education Provision in Rolleston

Rob Rush —

There is ongoing and projected growth in the Rolleston area, meaning that additional secondary provision will likely be required by 2025. A new primary school in East Rolleston located at a site on Ed Hillary Drive is projected to open in term 1, 2022.

The existing four state primary schools (Clearview Primary, Lemonwood Grove School, Rolleston School and West Rolleston Primary School) are about to start consultation on amendments to their current enrolment scheme boundaries.

This will minimise the risk of overcrowding at each school, as well as determining the enrolment scheme boundaries for the new school in East Rolleston when it opens in 2022.

The options for additional secondary provision are an additional Year 9 – 13 secondary school with its own enrolment scheme home zone, and the Rolleston College home zone would be adjusted to allow for this. Alternatively, the additional secondary provision could be a second campus of Rolleston College that could be configured in a number of different ways.

To find out more and to have your say, visit www.dandgconsulting.co.nz/rolleston