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Linc-Ed Hero - Notifications

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Notifications and the Bell

Parents receive ONE form of notification when a community notice is published.  If you log into the Hero mobile app you will receive an in-app notification and if you log into via a web browser you will receive an email notification.

Hero truncates email notifications to show the first 800 characters of the post within the body of the email notification. By logging into Hero, you can view the full message, embedded documents, media, or links to download attachments.

When logged into Hero, parents and caregivers can view any notifications that have been sent to them via "The Bell".

The "bell" icon is located in the top right-hand corner of your screen. A red number will be displayed if you have any unread notifications. 

Image by: Tracey Young
Image by: Tracey Young

If you are unable to log into Linc-Ed Hero after following the instructions on our school website (https://www.clearview.school.nz/2019/05/linced/) please don't hesitate to touch base with one of the Senior Leadership team for further support.