Hero photograph
Photo by Andy Gibson

Canterbury Triathlon Results 

Andy Gibson —

Congratulations to all of our students who competed in yesterdays event! 

We had an awesome day at Pegasus on Wednesday 29th November with the weather giving us perfect conditions for competition. 

A huge thank you to the parents who transported all of the students out to the venue, we couldn't have done this without your support. 

Well done to everyone who participated, we recorded some awesome results as you can see below. 


11 Year old Girls

6th Susan Petrie

10th Maia Devereux

48th Danielle Wray

11 Year old Boys

6th Alex McIntyre

12 Year old Girls

10th Caitlin Baker

12th Eve Swan

15th Mya Te Aho

19th Courtney Hillyer

24th Millie White

25th Freya Phillips

26th Abby Reid

12 Year old Boys

41st Ben Bone 

57th Mitchell Corkery

68th Zak Buist 

69th Bruno Carver 

77th Taylor Farrell