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School Fees

Cobham Intermediate —

2017 Fees (subject to change).

  • School Voluntary Donation $160
  • Compulsory Technology Fee $100
  • Compulsory Science Fee $15
  • Compulsory Mathletics Fee $20
  • Compulsory Swimming Fee $5
  • Term Activity Costs (as per individual class)

The Board of Trustees has confirmed that the fees for 2018 will remain the same as 2017.

The voluntary donation has been set by the Board of Trustees for the year. These funds allow us to maintain the levels of extra staffing and resourcing we are able to offer over and above what can be provided by the funds from the government. An alternative to paying this in full at the start of the year is to pay $40.00 per term, or to pay by regular automatic payments from your bank account.

The compulsory fees for technology and science are costs that go towards what the students make and most often keep, or in the case of food technology – eat – during these lessons. All students participate in swimming at Jellie Park in the first few days of the term – hence the $5 swimming fee. The Mathletics fee covers the cost of access to an online mathematics tool which teachers use to support in-class programmes and homework. The $20 fee is a one-off fee for the whole year and the Mathletics programme can be accessed by students at home at any time.

Making Payments

Please feel free to pay for the term costs via internet banking 03 1705 0007063 00 (please put the student's name, room number and what the payment is for), visit the school office to pay by eftpos or send cash or a cheque to the school office. If you would prefer to wait for an invoice to be issued these will be issued in week 6 of the term and we would appreciate prompt payment once you receive these.