Hero photograph
Photo by Andy Gibson

Sunday AIMS Games Golden Day 1 

Andy Gibson —

Please read below the awesome achievements of our Cross Country Team in the pouring rain!

Tauranga's clouds closed in and gave the Cross Country team another element to contend with. In the pouring rain, our Cross Country team has produced some amazing results including a GOLD MEDAL in the Year 7 teams category. 

Results below...

Year 7 Girls Team Event GOLD

4th Bridie Restieaux

5th Maddi Thomas

10th Pippa Baker 

34th Sue Petrie 

Overall Fastest Time: 11:35 | Median Time: 14:08 | Slowest Time: 21:34

Year 8 Girls 

27th Lily Keenan

48th Lily Pringle 

64th Darsha Keogan 

Overall Fastest Time: 11:28 | Median Time: 13:44 | Slowest Time: 17:26

Year 8 Boys 

39th Beau Brackenridge 

Overall Fastest Time: 10:14 | Median Time: 12:27 | Slowest Time: 15:38

Photo credits to Jacqui Restieaux Cross Country team manager