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Summer Weekly Sport Selections

Andy Gibson —

Please find information below regarding the students selected to represent Cobham on Tuesday Afternoons beginning 14th Feb.

Teams Attached at the bottom of this article. 

We have also been allowed to enter 3 boys cricket teams which is great news. 

Weekly Summer Sports at South Hagley Park 2017

Friday 10 February 2017

Dear Parents / Caregivers

We are pleased to advise you that your child has been selected to represent Cobham Intermediate in the weekly summer sports competition held at South Hagley Park during this term. Students will be travelling by bus, departing from school at 12.45pm. Games begin at 1.45pm and should conclude by 2.30pm approx hopefully allowing students to return to school by 3.00pm. There are seven weeks of competition this year on the following dates:

· 14 February Start (Next Tuesday)

· 28 March Finish

Should weather or grounds not be suitable, games will be cancelled and if necessary the draw adjusted. Copies of the rules, draws and cancellation announcements are available at www.primarysportscanterbury.org.nz or you can sign up to Sportcheck, a text cancellation service, details are available at the above website.

Each player is required to contribute $30 towards the transport costs for this competition. Payment options;

· Cash

· Cheque (payable to Cobham Intermediate)

· Direct credit / internet banking to 03 - 1705 - 0007063 – 00

(Please put CHILD’S NAME followed by T1 S SPORT as the reference).

Please make payment to the office no later than Friday 17 February. If payment isn’t made by this date we will have to pull your child from the team until the payment is made unless a prior arrangement with the school office.

We encourage parents to come and support your child and his / her team if you are able to. Draws are located on the Primary Sport Canterbury website under “Draws”

  • Boys Cricket – Mr John sebastian.john@cobham.school.nz
  • Girls Cricket – Ms Roundhill michelle.roundhill@cobham.school.nz
  • Volleyball – Mr Jackson brenton.jackson@cobham.school.nz
  • Touch –Miss Lawton and Miss Ross carly.lawton@cobham.school.nz
  • Softball – Mr Lane tony.lane@cobham.school.nz
  • Futsal - Miss Engen jordan.engen@cobham.school.nz

All competitors are required to wear the correct school P.E. / Sport uniform (Red shirt and and blue shorts). Cricket players may wear their whites and the school sports top. Touch will be allocated a singlet uniform. It is the responsibility of each team member to ensure that he / she has this for every game each week. The allocated uniforms we hand out must be handed back at the end of the competition.

Students who haven’t been selected will compete with their class in a class vs class competition.

Any questions please email.

Kind Regards

Andy Gibson

Sports Coordinator