Hero photograph
Photo by Andy Gibson

Intermediate Vs Primary Top 20 Cross Country Results 

Andy Gibson —

Congratulations to all of our Cobham Students at the Top 20 event

We had a beautiful day at the Roto Kohatu Reserve Reserve on Wednesday 5th July. 

We had a umber of students battling illness and injuries which forced them out of the competition. 

For the students that competed, they represented Cobham and themselves extremely well. 

** Donates selection into the Canterbury Cross Country team to compete on the 28th September in Timaru.

Year 7 Girls 

Bridie Restieaux 1st **

Pippa Baker 3rd **

Susan Petrie 7th **

Maddi Thomas 8th **

Charlotte Mortlock 14th 

Annaleise Morgan 15th 

Year 7 Boys 

William Brunton  17th 

Mitchell Corkery 33rd 

Leo Donohoe injured on course

Year 8 Girls

Lily Keenan 5th **

Lily Pringle 7th **

Mya Te Aho 22nd 

Caitlin Baker 28th

Year 8 Boys 

Beau Brackenridge 5th **

Theo Walker 11th 

Joe Lowe 21st 

Taig MacLean  30th