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Term 2/3 Winter Sport Information

Andy Gibson —

Please read below for all the information you need to know regarding term 2/3 sport which starts May 16th. 

We start our 2017 Winter Sport programme on Tuesday 16th May (week 3). 

Round 1: 16 May – 20 June

Round 2: 27 June – 15 August (excluding school holidays)

Your child's classroom teacher will have informed your child already where they are going for round 1. You will also have had confirmation from the office regarding payments.  If your child is unsure please get them to ask their teacher or go to the office as they have the full list.

There are to be NO changes to your child's options now! 

Please meet at the time promptly so we can get the buses on time.

Competitive Sports - (If council close the grounds due to previous rain then Rugby and soccer are at school. All others continue. If Rain on the day and PSC cancel sport then only Squash and Table tennis operate as well as all paid options.)

Boys Soccer - Meet outside room 3 @ 12:30pm

Rugby - Meet in room 6 @ 12:30pm

Hockey - Meet in room 1 @ 12:30pm

Netball - Meet in room 2 @ 12:30pm

Squash - Meet Fabric Room @ 12:30pm

Table Tennis - Meet steps of the performing Arts area @12:30pm

In School Free Options (if Competitive sport is cancelled due to weather so will these options).

The following school based activities (free of charge) will operate dependent on weather conditions. On days when the Competitive competition and school-based activities are cancelled, students will be supervised by their teachers at school.

Football - Meet Miss Crawford @ 1:30 in Room 18

Unihoc - Meet Mr Mould @ 1:30 in Room 19

Rippa Rugby - Meet Mr Morgan @ 1:30 in Room 22

Netball - Meet Miss Tudor @ 1:30 in Room 23

Basketball - Meet Mr Mathieson @ 1:30 on the basketball court

Wheels - Meet Mr Lane @ 1:30 next to Scooter Cage

Volleyball - Meet Mr Jackson @ 1:30 in the Hall

Paid in school options with an outside provider (if Competitive sport is canceled due to weather so is this)

Cross Fit First 6 weeks only - Meet Andy outside room 28 on field

Paid out of school options (These options never get cancelled, they will operate each week)

Ice Skating - Meet Mr Mckee @ 12:30 in the hall

Rock Climbing (Parents needed to assist) - Meet Mrs Lane @ 12:30 in Food Tech room

Action Indoor - Meet Miss Van Vliet @ 12:30 in Room 27

Ten Pin Bowling - Meet Miss McGregor @ 12:30 in room 20

Gymnastics - Meet Miss Wilby @ 12:30 in room 12

What to wear... 

All options must wear PE Uniform. 

Ice Skating students wear warm cloth's, beanie, Long pants, jacket etc.

Competitive sports ....

Rugby – Rugby tops issued, mouthguards (own purchase) boots and red socks

Hockey – PE uniform, shin pads, Sticks, mouthguard, red socks

Netball – PE Uniform unless team allocated uniform

Squash – PE Uniform

Table Tennis – PE Uniform

Soccer – PE Uniform, Shin Pads, Boots, Red socks


If you have yet to pay for round 1 please do so before May 12th (this Friday) There is still a large amount of students who haven't paid - please please do this tonight or we will have to make some decisions. 

Any questions please email Andy Gibson - Sports Coordinator