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Photo by Christine Lambie

Principal's Introduction

Christine Lambie —

I am honoured to be the Principal of Cobham Intermediate School and feel very fortunate to work in partnership with such amazing staff, students, families and the wider community.

Cobham Intermediate has a reputation as a quality school that maximises the benefits of being a large sized school to provide specialised options for individual students. We foster strengths and talents, providing many opportunities for these to flourish.

The talented staff and I are committed to doing the very best we can for each and every student in our school. At Cobham Intermediate you will experience:

  • Passionate teachers who are committed to the education of emerging adolescents

  • Excellence

  • A culture of care and support

  • Numerous academic, sporting and cultural opportunities

  • An education that prepares students for high school and beyond

We are a school for the future with learning programmes that focus on the needs of a 21st century learner with a strong emphasis on a curriculum that is innovative, personalised, connected and one that encourages students to think.

Our students repeatedly tell us that they love being in an environment focused specifically on the needs of this age group, all of the opportunities on offer, the specialist facilities, the friendly and caring staff and being challenged and motivated with their learning.

Visitors are most welcome and those wishing to come and see our school in action, please contact christine.lambie@cobham.school.nz to make an appointment with me.  We welcome and appreciate your interest and look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

If you would like to enrol for the remainder of 2019, please do not use the online enrolment form, instead contact our school office.  

The 2020 Cobham Enrolment Form can be completed online https://forms.linc-ed.com/?school_id=3323.   A hard copy of the enrolment form and a copy of our prospectus can be obtained from the school office from mid June.

Enrolments close Friday 30 August 2019, and if a ballot is required this will be held the following week.   

Dates for Experience Cobham and Open Night will be advertised on our website from Term 2.

Eddie Norgate