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General Information

Cobham Intermediate —

Read on for general info on Attendance, Absences, Payments and Reporting amongst other topics.

2016 ERO Report

Please click here to read our latest ERO report.


School is open to students from 8am each morning. Playground supervision by teachers does not commence until 8.15am.  School hours are:

 8.40am -10.30am       Classes

10.30am – 10.50am  Morning Interval

10.50am – 12.20pm  Classes

12.20pm – 12.30pm  Lunch is eaten in homerooms

12.30pm – 1.20pm     Lunch Break

1.20pm – 3.00pm        Classes

Absences & Punctuality

When a student is absent from school, parents should contact the school office before 9.00am. This must be done for each day the child is absent. Contact can be made by phone – 3516381 and a message can be left outside the hours of 8:00am–3:30pm.

Alternatively you can email office@cobham.school.nz. This allows us to account for all students and to contact the home of any students who remain unaccounted for.  We do this to ensure all students are safe.  Parents are asked to provide either a verbal or written explanation of the absence to the office as we are legally obligated to record this as part of our proper attendance record keeping.  If a child will be absent for a prolonged period, please inform the classroom teacher in writing so that arrangements may be made for missed work.

All students who arrive after 8:45am must report to the office and ‘sign in’ as their teacher may have already completed the attendance roll. All students who are required to leave school early, must ‘sign out’ at the school office. This ensures we can account for our students in case of an emergency and complete the appropriate attendance requirements.  Punctuality is vital as it assists the development in our students of such qualities as responsibility, self-discipline, good manners and respect for the rights of others.  We understand that on occasions, things can crop up… but we ask that students are at school ready to start the day at 8:40am (and NOT before 8.00am).  Ongoing lateness to school can lead to truancy and we are obliged to inform a truancy officer if this happens.  Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds unless they have written permission from their parents/caregivers and follow the procedure of signing out at the school office and signing back in again on arrival back to school.

Making Payments

You can pay for the term costs via internet banking, visit the school office to pay by eftpos or send cash or a cheque to the school office.  Our preferred method of payment is internet banking.  Our bank account number is 03 1705 0007063 00. Please ensure you include your child's name, room number and the activity you are paying for.

If you would prefer to wait for an invoice to be issued these will be issued in week 6 of the term and we would appreciate prompt payment once you receive these.

2017 Fees (subject to change)

  • School Voluntary Donation $160
  • Technology Fee $100
  • Science Fee $15
  • Mathletics Fee $20
  • Swimming Fee $5
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) $5
  • Health $10
  • Term Activity Costs (as per individual classroom)

The voluntary donation has been set by the Board of Trustees for the year. These funds allow us to maintain the levels of extra staffing and resourcing we are able to offer over and above what can be provided by the funds from the government. An alternative to paying this in full at the start of the year, is to pay $40.00 per term, or to pay by regular automatic payments from your bank account.

The compulsory fees for technology and science are costs that go towards what the students make and most often keep (or in the case of food technology – eat) during these lessons.

The Mathletics fee covers the cost of access to an online mathematics tool which teachers use to support in class programmes and homework. The $20 fee is a one-off fee for the whole year.  The Mathletics programme can be accessed by students at home at any time and it is also used in class.

All students participate in swimming at Jellie Park in the first few days of the term – hence the $5 swimming fee.

Bikes And Scooters

All bikes must be put in the bike stands (outside the Food and Fabric Rooms) and all scooters must go in the scooter cage (at the Ilam Road end of the bike stands).  The scooter cage gets locked at approximately 9:00am and then opened in time for collection at 3:00pm.  We strongly recommend that all bikes and scooters are locked at all times (even in the cage) and that scooters are named.  We are a large school with multiple entry points and public pathways running through the grounds.  We obviously do our best to provide suitable places for bikes and scooters and help keep them safe, but we will not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen property. If your child needs to leave early on a particular day they should not put their scooter in the cage, but instead lock it to the bike stands.


Parents/Caregivers of Year 7 students are requested to accompany their child and share an interview with the classroom teacher on enrolment day.

Towards the end of Term One parent-teacher interviews are held for all students. Students are encouraged to attend these and be part of the discussions about their learning. A brief outline of their Progressive Achievement Test scores and other relevant data will be issued along with a Term One review that both the teacher and student will have completed.  This is a chance to recognise each child’s successes and also to note some important next steps.

Full, computerized reports are issued at the end of Terms 2 and 4.  Either parents or teachers may request additional interviews at any time.


Cobham Uniform can be purchased from Mainland Uniforms, or at the Cobham Second-Hand Shop located between the Food and Fabric Classrooms.  The Second-Hand Uniform Shop is open every Monday from 8.15-9.00am.

Hats can be purchased from the school office for $20.