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School Tennis Competition Draws

Andy Gibson —

Please read the rules and view the draw below.

Cobham Intermediate School
Tennis Championship Cup 2018


Cobham Intermediate School

Tennis Championship Cup

Competitors’ information

•All players must have their own tennis racquet and 2 tennis balls. Please bring this every single day to school!!!!

•All matches (except finals) are the first to reach 6 games. There is NO advantage rule.

•Finals only are the best of three sets, with full rules including, advantage, deuce, and winning a set by 2 games / break point.

•Players are to umpire their own games – please replay any doubtful points. If there is a problem, put your racquets down on the court and find Miss Lawton.

•Games are played on the school courts during school breaks (morning tea and lunch) and before or after school if necessary. (Tennis takes priority, if you are having trouble getting people off the court please talk to ta teacher on duty).

•This is a knockout competition, If you lose, you are out of that section.

If you win, you continue to the next stage of the draw.

•Once games have been completed it is the responsibility of the winner to inform Mr Gibson of the result via email on the day.

•If a player does not arrive at the correct day / time as indicated in the draw then they may have to default the game. This will be done at the discretion of the organizer to ensure that the competition is completed within the timeframe allowed.

Matches will start on Monday 12th February and the last match will be on Thursday 12th April.