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Photo by Andy Gibson

Intermediate Canterbury Cross Country Results 

Andy Gibson —

We had some awesome results from today's Cross Country.  Read below for more information...

Congratulations to all of our students who competed today. You all represented yourself and Cobham well. Thank you to room 1 and 2 for marshaling the event and to Miss Chilvers and Sue Parnell fo helping.

Athletes below who have qualified for the Intermemdiates Top 20 Vs Primary Top 20 will recieve an email from Andy in the coming days. The event is in two weeks. Wednesday 5th July. 

Athletes who have qualified for the AIMS Games (placing in the top 5) will be contacted seperately for your confirmation that your child will attend or not. 

Please click here for full results...


Year 7 Girls 

1st Bridie Restieaux (Qualified for top 20) (Qualified for AIMS)

2nd Madi Thomas (Qualified for top 20) (Qualified for AIMS)

3rd Sue Petrie  (Qualified for top 20) (Qualified for AIMS)

7th Pippa Baker (Qualified for top 20)

8th Lottie Mortlock (Qualified for top 20)

9th Annaliese Morgan (Qualified for top 20)

28th Maia Devereux

35th Arna Emslie

39th Piper Everson 

62nd Katelyn Parnell

Year 8 Girls 

4th Darsha Keogan (Qualified for top 20) (Qualified for AIMS)

5th Lily Keenan (Qualified for top 20) (Qualified for AIMS)

6th Anna Christensen (Qualified for top 20)

10th Lily Pringle (Qualified for top 20)

15th Eve Swan (Qualified for top 20)

17th Caitlin Baker (Qualified for top 20)

20th Mya Te Aho (Qualified for top 20)

31st Taylah Holdem

33rd Gabby Brackenridge

61st Madison Bayliss

Year 7 Boys 

5th Kyan Trebes (Qualified for top 20) (Qualified for AIMS)

6th William Brunton (Qualified for top 20)

12th Leo Donohoe (Qualified for top 20)

18th Mitchell Corkery (Qualified for top 20)

23rd Edy Belingher

32nd Ben Bone

44th Matt Foord

51st Jack McCabe

66th Nick Wilson

Year 8 Boys

1st Theo Walker (Qualified for top 20) (Qualified for AIMS)

4th Beau Brackenridge (Qualified for top 20) (Qualified for AIMS)

6th Ammar Mohammed (Qualified for top 20)

10th Taig Mclean (Qualified for top 20)

11th Dublin Boon (Qualified for top 20)

13th Joe Lowe (Qualified for top 20)

32nd Thimeth Wijesinghe

36th Matthew Forbes

38th Kota Takane

71st Finn O'Sullivan