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Lunches delivered to Cobham Intermediate! Available Mon-Fri starting 7th Nov

Tamara Bell —

From Monday 7th November-Thursday 15th December students can order their lunch online using a really fast, efficient and easy online booking and payment method through lunchonline.co.nz!

Due to the canteen being closed for the last 6 weeks of Term 4, Cobham students will be able to order lunch online and then have it delivered to school in weeks 5-10 through www.lunchonline.co.nz

This is an online service where parents/caregivers set up their own account, order lunch and pay online. The lunch is then delivered to school in time for our lunch break. Our Food Provider(s) offer healthy choices along with some treat options. So to view the menu or to set up an account and/or place an order, just click on the link below:

Its simple, all you need to do is register at www.lunchonline.co.nz

There are four easy steps to start...

1. Register an account (set up new account)

2. Add member(s) (set up your child; school and classroom)

3. Make a payment (so you have funds in your account)

4. Place an order!

This is a healthy and affordable option while our canteen is closed, and now you no longer have to have cash on you due to easy internet ordering and payment.  


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