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Winter Sport - School Wide information

Andy Gibson —

This article outlines the winter sport programme which everyone will participate in. All Students option's have been allocated and payments added to accounts. Please read on to learn more...


Dear Parents / Caregivers

We thank you for getting all of your child's' options into their classroom teacher. As you can imagine it is a huge job to organise 660+ students into two option choices over the 12 weeks but we have finalised the lists and we are ready for the start on Tuesday May 15th.

Classroom teachers will tell your child what options they were entered into. Each students account will have the payments added to them Friday 13th April (payment instructions below) the statement will indicate what option your child has been entered into.

If there is no payment on your child's account for winter sport then your child is likely in a free in school option.

As you are aware we run the winter sport programme in two rounds, each of 6 weeks duration.

Round 1; 15 May – 19 June

Round 2; 26 June – 14 August (excluding school holidays).

In School Free Options (if Competitive Sport is cancelled due to weather so will these options).

The following school based activities (free of charge) will operate dependent on weather conditions. On days when the competitive competition and school based activities are cancelled, students will be supervised by their teachers at school.



Rippa Rugby





Paid in school options with an outside provider (if Competitive Sport is canceled due to weather so is this)

Cross Fit First 6 weeks

Paid out of school options (These options never get cancelled, they will always operate each week)

Ice Skating

Rock Climbing

Action Indoor

Ten Pin Bowling


Competitive Sports teams (Competing in Various Locations) Teams are located on the Competitive article CLICK HERE)





Table Tennis - Will never be cancelled (indoor venue)

Squash - Will never be cancelled (indoor venue)

What to wear?

All options require the students to wear their Cobham PE uniform. Ice Skating will require students to wear long pants, a warm jacket due to the temperature and safety aspects.

Please make sure to also have a water bottle (NAMED) for your sport options.

Competitive Sports teams have been told what to wear on the article for selections.


Your child is to meet the teacher in charge at the specified meeting point in the school (teachers will inform students). They will be marked off the list before anyone boards the buses or their option begins for the day.

We will have staff floating around the school making sure students are where they are meant to be.

If your child is going to Ice Skating they will not be able to purchase items from the café at Alpine Ice.


All first round payments are expected to be received, or contact with the office to discuss payment arrangements, no later than 3pm on Thursday 10th May.

· Cash (in an envelope with Students Name, Room No. and what it’s for)

· Cheque (payable to Cobham Intermediate)

· Direct credit / internet banking to 03 - 1705 - 0007063 – 00

· (Please put CHILD’S NAME followed by T2 W SPORT as the reference).

If you have any questions regarding the options below or you would like to assist in a sport please contact me at school (sports@cobham.school.nz).

Thank you

Andy Gibson

Sports Coordinator