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School Zone

Cobham Intermediate —

Cobham Intermediate School has an enrolment scheme to limit the roll and prevent overcrowding. Students who live within our enrolment zone are entitled to enrol at our school.

If you live outside our enrolment zone, you are entitled to apply for enrolment. The number of places available for these students will be determined by the number of both in-zone and out-of-zone enrolments. Should the number of applications exceed the number of places available, a supervised ballot will be held with the following priority groups being allocated places in order until the available places are filled.

  • Siblings of current students
  • Siblings of former students
  • Children of former students
  • Children of school employees or children of members of the board of the school
  • All other applicants

We request that all in and out of zone enrolments be submitted to us by 31 August.

School Zone

In the following, both sides of the road are included:

  • From Russley Rd
  • East along Wairakei Rd to Greers Rd
  • NE along Greers Rd to Harewood Rd
  • SE along Harewood Rd to the Railway line
  • Railway line to Blighs Rd
  • SW along Blighs Rd to Idris Rd
  • S along Idris Rd to Wairakei Rd
  • SE along Wairakei Rd to the Railway line
  • S along the Railway line to Fendalton Rd
  • W along Fendalton Rd to Straven Rd
  • SE along Straven Rd to Kahu Rd
  • NE along Kahu Rd to Kotare St
  • W along Kotare St to Creyke Rd
  • NW along Creyke Rd to Barlow St
  • N along Wilfred St to Ilam Rd
  • NW along Tuirau Pl to Chevron Pl
  • N along Chevron Pl to Greers Rd
  • NE along Greers Rd to Memorial Ave
  • W along Memorial Ave to Roydvale Ave
  • SW along Roydvale Ave to Avonhead Rd
  • W along Avonhead Rd to Russley Rd
  • N along Russley Rd to Wairakei Rd