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Tuesday Winter Sport Programme 

Andy Gibson —

For all the information relating to the whole school winter sport programme please read below...


Dear Parents / Caregivers

During Tuesday’s in Terms 2 & 3, starting 16th May, the whole school is involved in winter sport. We are offering a range of sports and recreation options to interest every student. These range from organised competitive sports against other Intermediate Schools, through to ‘have a go’ sessions and paid out of school options.

This email is to give you an overview of what we are offering and to give you a chance to discuss all the options before your child’s teacher emails home for your child’s choices. (Teachers will email you directly on/after 27th March). So for now please just read below, no action is needed yet. 

Students will select their choices from the options list below via a shared GOOGLE DOCUMENT or PAPER COPY from your child’s classroom teacher. You will need to complete their document with your child’s three choices of the options available in order of priority, even if your child is participating in competitive trials. If your child is trialing for a competitive team, e.g. rugby, netball etc, then please indicate this on the document also. The reason for this is so if your child doesn’t get selected we can enter them into an option as soon as we know competitive selections. These choices will need to be received by the teacher before Thursday 6th April.

Below are the different options available

Competitive Sport at Various Venues

These sports are currently in trial mode. Teams will be announced on April 6th 2017 via email to all successful students.

All other Options...

These are for students that were unsuccessful in trials AND any students that did not trial for any teams. (i.e. all other students at school). Even if you are trialing for a competitive team please submit your choices on the document from the options below because if you’re not selected then we know where to put you!!

These options will operate as two rounds, each of 6 weeks duration.

Round 1: 16 May – 20 June

Round 2: 27 June – 15 August (excluding school holidays)

Student can participate in any of the following options. You will select three in order of priority.

Some activities operate as ‘user pays’ and will occur every week regardless of weather unless stated otherwise.

Students cannot do the same options twice.

N.B. If there are insufficient numbers for a paid option then it may be withdrawn.

In School Free Options (if Competitive sport is cancelled due to weather these options will be cancelled too).

The following school based activities (free of charge) will operate dependent on weather conditions. On days when the Competitive competition and school-based activities are cancelled, students will be supervised by their teachers at school.


Unihoc - Hockey with plastic pucks and Sticks

Rippa Rugby



Wheels - Shooter, skateboard and we go over to Jellie Park Skate Park


Paid in school options with an outside provider (if Competitive sport is canceled due to weather these options will be cancelled. )

Cross Fit ($15) First 6 weeks only (bodyweight fitness activities)

Paid out of school options (These options never get cancelled, these options will continue to opperate)

Ice Skating ($95-$100)

Rock Climbing ($90-$95) (Parents needed to assist)

Action Indoor ($80-$85)

Ten Pin Bowling ($75-$80)

Gymnastics ($75-$80)


If your child is selected for a competition team (announced 6th April) then they will compete in that team for the full 12-week sports window. If your child however hasn’t been selected or didn’t trial for a competitive sport they will be entered into two of the options you will have selected into your child’s classroom teacher.

EVERY Student must fill out three options (even if trialling for Competitive teams). We are requiring you to fill out three options that your child would like to do in order of priority so if the first or second option is full we have another option to enter your child into.


Please do not send any payment until your child’s options and the final costs have been confirmed via email from Mr. Gibson.

All payments (for both rounds) are required to be made no later than 3pm on Wednesday 10 May. If payment hasn’t been made before this date then they will NOT be allowed to participate until payment has been made. Unless prior arrangement is made with the office.

Payment options will be added to accounts once every student’s options are confirmed.

If you have any questions regarding the options below or you would like to assist in a sport please contact me at school (sports@cobham.school.nz).

Thank you

Andy Gibson

Sports Coordinator