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Winter Sport - Competitive Registrations

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This is only for competitive sport, please read below through the information...


Beginning on the 15th May for 12 School weeks ending on August 14th.

The whole school is involved in the Tuesday weekly sport in a variety of ways. Below is a description of the different options available for your child during these awesome Tuesday afternoons.

  • Competitive Sport (Against other Schools)
  • FREE In School sport
  • PAID In School sport
  • PAID Out of School options

Cancellations due to weather

  • If the weather is raining and Primary Sports Canterbury Cancel competitive outdoor sports then the only Sports Operating are all "Paid out of school options" and Competitive Table Tennis and Squash. All other options will be cancelled and normal classes resume.


Runs weekly starting 15th May (for 12 school weeks) on a Tuesday afternoon at Hagley Park, Nunweek Park, Table Tennis Arena and Squash Ways.

All these sports will have trials as the places in the team are very competitive. Registration CLOSED.

Trials begin on March 19th and all teams will be announced on April 9th. We understand there are year 7 camps operating at this time and we will accommodate this in our planning. A Trial schedule will be released before the 19th of March.

Competitive sports included are:



-Turf Hockey

-Table Tennis



Competitive Competition…

Everyone participating will be charged $TBC to their school account for bus fees.

All sports are mixed gender.

For the weekly draws please click on the link here http://drawsresults.sportsrunner.net/?org=PSC

Rest of the school (competitive sports students)

Each Classroom teacher will gather EVERY child's decision on what option they would like to enter into, you will receive an email from your child's classroom teacher on or after the 23rd March. These will need to be back to your child's classroom teacher by 3rd April. If your child is trialling for a competitive team they STILL HAVE TO let their classroom teacher know what sports/options they would like to enter into just in case they aren't selected into a competitive sports team.

These options run in two SIX week rounds meaning you can pick and choose TWO of the following options from either "Free in School Sport", "Paid in School Sport" or "Paid out of school Options".

FREE In School Sport

(if Competitive sport is cancelled so is this)

  • Volleyball
  • Wheels - Scooter, Skateboard taken over to Jellie Park Skate Park.
  • Unihoc - Hockey with plastic sticks and puck
  • Basketball

PAID In School Sport

Paid in school options with an outside provider Release Sports (if competitive sport is canceled so is this)

-Cross Fit   Approx. $20

PAID Out of School Options

(if Competitive sport is canceled these options continue to operate and will never be cancelled) **PRICES YET TO BE CONFIRMED**

-Ice Skating   approx. $95-$100

-Ten Pin Bowling  approx. $80-$85

-Action indoor Sports  approx. $85-$90

-Rock Climbing  approx. $100-$105

-Gymnastics  approx. $75-$85