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Competitive Winter Sport Team Announcement

Courtney Ross —

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent Cobham in one of our Competitive Winter Sports teams.

A HUGE well done to everyone who trialled for a competitive winter sport team and congratulations to those who have been successful in being selected for a team. On Tuesday afternoons during terms 2 & 3, selected students will participate in competitive winter sport and they will be removed from our non-competitive winter sport programme.

All trials were run in accordance to our selection guidelines, however, there were some incredibly difficult decisions for our selectors to make. For that reason, please note that all selections are final and there will be no changes made to the teams.

CLICK HERE to view the finalised teams for 2019.

The fee to participate in a winter sport Competitive Team is $60 per athlete, which also covers the buses required for the full 12 weeks. This fee has been added to your child’s account today and will need to be paid before Friday 10th May. Competitive Winter Sports starts on Tuesday 14th May, and runs weekly during Tuesday afternoons from 1:30 - 3pm. 

Coaches understand that it can be disappointing for a student not to be selected for a team. If this should happen, we encourage students to be resilient and to channel this energy into driving them to achieve their next goal. We encourage students to seek feedback from the selection panel and determine areas for improvement moving forward.