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Winter Sport Trials 2017

Andy Gibson —

Please find all the information for the trials which begin on the 15th March.

Trial Information for Competitive Winter Sports 2017

Your child has been registered to trial for one or two winter sports teams to compete in the competitive School Vs. School competitions during term 2 and 3. Trials will begin on Wednesday 15th March and will have a duration of four weeks. Please find attached the trial schedule, which will also be located on the winter sports article via the sports page on the Cobham Website.

Student MUST trial in school PE uniform so please ensure your child has it with them on the days of their trials. Rugby trialist’s need to have boots and mouth guard or they won’t be able to trial. Soccer trialist’s need to have shin pads and boots. All trials are during lunchtimes (except one boys soccer trial) on the days specified, the coaches have asked for the students to please be prompt so the trials can begin quickly with limited time available.

All the coaches know who the students are that are trialling between two sports and we are aware that there are going to be clashes for some. To get around this we have tried to schedule sports so they don't clash every time. We are also aware of school camps and the Canterbury Swimming Sports, which will take students away from school. Again we know about these students and this won't have any impact on selections.

If you have selected Squash you won’t have a trial but there will be a meeting or two in the coming weeks with Mrs. Smythe (Squash). Please look out on the notices.

Attached documents:

• Registered students with their trial options • Trial Schedule

Teams will be named on April 6th. Good luck to all that are trialling.

Any Questions please feel free to email.