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Canterbury Swimming Championships Results 2017

Andy Gibson —

For all the results please read below...

Congratulations to all of our students who competed today in the Canterbury Intermediate Swimming Championships. 

Thank you to Mr McKee and Mrs Smythe for supervising the group and thank you to Penny Swann and Jo Farrell for assisting with timing at the event. 

Please CLICK HERE for full results. 


Year 8 Boys 100m Relay 2nd 

Year 8 Girls 200m Relay 1st 

Year 7 Girls 200m Relay 1st 

Year 7 Boys 200m Relay 1st 

Year 8 Boys 100m Relay 1st

Year 7 A Mixed Medley 200m 1st 

Year 7 B Mixed Medley 200m 3rd 

Year 8 A Mixed Medley 200m 1st 

Year 8 B Mixed Medley 200m 2nd 

50m/100m Events

Georgia Dann 

3rd Year 7 50m Free

3rd Year 7 50m Breast

Conor McCullough 

1st Year 7 50m Free

1st Year 7 50m Back

1st Open 100m Free

Alex McIntyre 

3rd Year 7 50m Free

Cathy Porter 

3rd Year 8 50m Free

2nd Year 8 50m Breast

3rd Year 8 50m Back

Oscar Baggaley 

2nd Year 8 50m Free 

Oli Heaton 

3rd Year 8 50m Free

2nd Year 8 50m Back

3rd Open 50m Butterfly

Ben Bone 

3rd Year 7 50m Breast

Mark Chang 

3rd Year 8 50m Breast

Maddy Horton

2nd Open 100m Free

1st Open 100m Back

2nd Open 50m Butterfly

25m events

Jess French

2nd Year 7 25m Free

3rd Year 7 25m Breast

Harriet Cassely

3rd Year 7 25m Free

1st Year 7 25m Back

George Persson

2nd= Year 7 25m Free

2nd Year 7 25m Back

Maddison Bayliss

2nd Year 8 25m Free

3rd Year 8 25m Back

Samuel Chan 

3rd Year 8 25m Free

Jonty Smart

2nd Year 8 25m Back

Siri-Jasmin Blackburn

3rd Year 7 25m Breast

Caden Lewis

2nd Year 7 25m Breast

Eve Swan

2nd Year 8 25m Breast

Nicolas Whitty

1st Year 8 25m Breast


The following students have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd today (50m, 100m or Open) and by doing so they have passed the first selection criteria for the AIMS Games. They now need to meet the qualifying times that the AIMS Games have set.  These students please go to http://www.nzaimsgames.co.nz/swimming-tournament-information/ to view the qualifying times. If you have met these times in your club meets then you can enter into them. To register to go please CLICK HERE

Oli Heaton

Georgia Dann

Conor McCoullough 

Alex McIntyre 

Cathy Porter

Maddy Horton

Ben Bone

Mark Chang

Oscar Baggely