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CAIMS South Island Invitational Indoor Tournament Teams Announcmed 

Andy Gibson —

This competition is held over two days on the 24th and 25th of October. Please see information and teams below.

South Island Indoor Tournament 2017

Dear parents and students,

Your child has been selected to represent Cobham in the South Island Intermediate and Middle Schools Outdoor Tournament on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th of October.

Sports we are entering are Boys and Girls Basketball (Pioneer Stadium), Squash (Sockburn Courts), table tennis (Table Tennis Stadium), Badminton (Bishopdale YMCA) and Mixed Volleyball (Lincoln Events Centre).

Students will travel to and from their venue by bus or parent transport. These will depart from Cobham Intermediate in the morning at 8am so please be at school in the HALL at 7:40am for roll calls.

· Basketball and Table Tennis will travel on the bus to and from the venues.

· Squash will be traveling in Mrs. Smythe’s vehicle.

· Volleyball will need parent transport, please.

· Badminton will need parent transport, please.

If you are able to assist with transport to and from the venues please let me know. Please confirm that you have a current Full Drivers Licence, Current WOF, and Current registration. No child is allowed to be in the front seat unless they are the child of the driver.

The basketball teams require an adult to be on the bench as well as a coach, if you are interested in helping out for the day please let me know.

Badminton also needs an adult to help Miss Engen out as a manager for the day, if anyone is free please let me know.

Games commence at 9.00am and should be completed by 2.30pm. Students are expected to return to Cobham no later than 3.30pm approx.

The cost of the tournament is $12 per competitor for Squad, Badminton, and Volleyball. Basketball and Table Tennis will be $22 per competitor. This will covers all entry fees and the transport costs.

Payment method (first two options below can be completed at the school office)

• Cash

• Cheque (Payable to Cobham Intermediate School)

• Direct credit / internet to 03 - 1705 - 0007063 – 00

(Please put CHILD’S NAME followed by SI Tourn as the reference).