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Photo by Andy Gibson

Thursday Day 5 Aims Games 2017

Andy Gibson —

A day filled with excitment and more medals 


The week started very challenging on Monday as the weather threw the schedule into kaos. Rained off several times and had to wait for dry courts. The girls were at the courts for 12 hours and had their only game postponed, tough start! Next day Josh played qualifying rounds early and the Finn/Deigo/Blake played their first rounds about 5.45pm


Mixed weather meant delays and shortened sets back to 4 for qualifiers from 6. Diego was put out at 1/4 finals and Finn went through.

Wonjeong lost in round 2 and over the next day played up 9th place (of 48)

Blake played to 29th (of 72) after dropping his 1st round match.

Josh played to 41st place after losing early.

Taylah played though to 8th in the main round & this meant between the scores she & Wonjeong earned they won the bronze medal for team (& a bronze medal for Wayne).

Finn & Deigo's points in the singles meant they won the team events cup and Gold medals, one also for Wayne as manager!


The team as a whole worked real hard today. Finn played the semis which he won and played the final within a couple of hours as they shifted the final back a day. This was tough as the semi was a 3 set marathon. Finn came second (of 56) earning a silver medal. He took down 2 capable players to earn his spot in the final.


All doubles today, Josh and Blake gave a good fight but were out early.

Finn & Diego worked through the field to the final. These games were often played only 20 minutes after finishing off the previous game.

The girls were the real surprise today also working their way through a quality field from top schools around NZ! They went into the final as underdogs. Came from behind after losing the first set and won the second and were only just beaten on the tie breaker winning the Silver medal (2nd place in a field of 24) fantastic achievement!

The overall picture for Cobham Intermediate is over a rainy windy week 11 medals were won by a small team of six!!! A remarkable achievement. The Cobham name will be engraved back on the boys singles teams cup which is kept for a year (also won by Cobham in 2010 & 2011.

Very proud of this crew who never gave up even when the odds were stacked against them. 

Boys Hockey 

Message from the boys - Another average day at the office for the hockey boys... we made the final, winning the game 2-1 in shootouts! Hugh played amazing and saved 4 of the 5 shots in the shootout. Roll on 10.30 tomorrow for the gold medal hunt!

WATCH THEM LIVE AT 10:30AM FRIDAY http://www.nzaimsgames.co.nz/products-services/aims-tv-livestream-3/

Girls Hockey 

Today the girls hockey team had a great win against our rivals Heaton Intermediate. We won 3-0, and Lexie got player of the day. We had most of the possession, and we played as well as we did last night, however today we converted our chances. We now play off for 5th and 6th tomorrow.


The time trial was held on Tuesday 12th September at the Tauranga BMX track.

The riders all did 2 timed laps in what can only be described as awful conditions with strong winds and driving rain. Caden's times were 45secs in the 1st run and 47secs in the second run placing him 22nd overall.

Thursday was the individual race day with 4 motos (races) and a final. Caden placed 4th,6th,6th and 4th missing out on the Quarterfinals by 2 points. He then raced the consolidation final coming 4th giving him a place of 19th overall in the individual event out of 39 riders.

Caden acknowledged the racing was tough but he certainly wasn't at his best which for him was disappointing. We felt he he should have been in the top 12 at the event. 

Boys Soccer

We had Murray's bay in the morning. it was a very tough game they where all bigger and stronger than us and just outmuscled us. we played good football but lost 5-0 the player of the game was Nick.

for our second game we had Belmont. we dominated them and played really good football. we were winning 3-1 when the ref made two shocking calls to make it 3-3. It went to pens and we lost 4-2 the player of the game was dublin.

Girls Basketball 

Today we had our last pool game and we're up against Tauranga Intermediate which they were undefeated and had 3 New Zealand U14 players. The game was tight, aggressive and wasn't easy, but wow the team all feel that we had out best game as a team that we had played. We really challenged our opponents. After a long fight the score was 41-22 and unfortunately we lost, as a team we are so proud and happy of how we did. Today it was really hard to pick player of the day as we all played such amazing basketball, but today the coaches decided it was Livvy.

For our last game of the day we versed Pukekohe Intermediate and if we were to win the game we would play off for 13/14 and if we were to lose we would play off for 15/16, (out of 28) so for this game we really wanted to win. As a team we played really well and are feeling very proud. It was very close as every time that we scored they did. After a massive fight the score was 18-17 to us and we are very proud. Our player of the day was once again very hard to pick but the player of the day for this game was Lizzy.