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2017 Sports Results 

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Boys Tennis Champion - Diego Quispe-Kim

Girls Tennis Champion - Taylah Holdem 

Tennis Champions

Canterbury Duathlon Results 

Canterbury Swimming Championship Results 

Cobham Cross Country results

Intermediate Cross Country Results 

Top 20 Intermediate Vs Top 20 Primary Results 

Exchange game Vs The Kings School Results

AIMS Selections 2017

Cobham Athletics Results 2017

CAIMS Indoor Tournament Results 2017

Summer Tournament Results 2017

Canterbury Triathlon Results 2017

Winter Sport Placings

Well done to the following teams for their results over the winter sport season!!

Hockey Mixed A - 3rd A grade

Hockey Mixed B - 1st B grade Section 1

Hockey Girls A - 1st A Section 1

Hockey Girls Dev - 1st Section 2

Netball A - 1st A grade

Netball C - 1st C grade Section 1

Netball D - 1st C grade Section 1

Netball E - 3rd D grade Section 2

Rugby A - 1st U55kg

Football A - 1st A grade

Football B - 1st B/C grade

Football Girls - 2nd Girls Grade

Squash B - 3rd

Table Tennis C - 2nd A Grade

Table Tennis F - 3rd B grade