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Photo by Andy Gibson

Cobham Cross Country Championships

Andy Gibson —

Monday 8th May (Week 2)


Parents please come down and watch!!

Students must come to school in School Uniform.

Start times

Year 8 Girls – 11:15am Year 7 Girls – 11:35am

Year 8 Boys – 11:25am Year 7 Boys – 11:45am

Prior to the day of the cross country

  • Read the information attached and ask any questions.

  • Classes out for regular training runs as part of P.E. (setting class or individual goals).

  • Look at the map of the course and discuss the run.

  • A map of the course can be found at www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/26121608/

    • Once the page has loaded click on the map options and select the option: satellite. Then click the map options again to reduce this menu. Now you can show your class the course (zoom and pan controls are on the left hand side. A hard copy of the map is included with this information.

  • Go through the starting and finishing procedures explained below.

  • Students are encouraged to wear house colours and be dressed appropriately for a running event (no wigs or pom poms etc). Face paint etc is encouraged

  • Students MUST NOT run the cross country while listening to music (ipod/ mp3 or similar).

  • As portions of the course are along footpaths, full spikes are not suitable. Flats or blanks/blunts are fine though.

The following markers are used on the course. Please ensure that all students know what they mean.

1 cone = run within 2m on either side of the cone.

2 cones = must run between the cones

Tape = follow the tape (usually around a corner).

N.B. There is a real possibility of traffic using the entrance to Jellie Park (Ilam Road). There will be marshals in place at these points but students need to be made aware of these potential hazards and must use extreme caution when crossing these areas. The road / entrance is NOT closed to traffic so runners must give way.

On the day

  1. At interval students NOT to eat large amounts of food but a small snack is fine.

  2. At 10:50am sharp, roll taken in their class.

  1. All non runners (except class recorder) to the hall where Mr Jackson and Miss Wilby will organise and then supervise.

  1.  Class walked over to Jellie Park before 11.05am to allow for the warm up.

  2. Assemble inside the roped off area in their year / gender groups (Year 8 girls nearest the finish line through to Year 7 Boys at the skate park end).

Starting procedure.

When a group are asked to come out to the start line for their warm up, they need to line up along the start line. The fastest runners should be at the front through to the slower runners at the back.

Finishing procedure (see diagrams below)

Approaching the finish line, head for the finishing chute (see diagram on next page).

  1. You must walk once you have entered the narrowest section of the chute. Every runner will be given a place card.

  1. If you receive places 1 – 16 go to Mrs Crawford first AND then your class recorder.

  2. Places 17 + go directly to the class recorder, then back to the appropriate year group area for warm down celebrations, and rest.

  3. Normal programming resumes following lunch.

Class competition

  • Class competition

    § Runners - basically 1st = 1point, 33rd = 33 points etc.

    § Non runners with a note = 200 points.

    § Absent = 200 points

    § Non runners without a note = 300 points.

    § Late (missed cross country)= 300 points

    § Class with the least amount of points will win (averaged across the number of students in your class).

  • Non Runners with a note due to major injury - Broken bones, concussion, high sprains. - 100 points.

What to wear/bring?

It is advisable to organise the following items…

  • polar fleeces or jerseys for waiting around times

  • drink bottles.

  • Wear PE uniform/House Colours