FPS Fundraiser

On Friday 17th May, the whole school had a non-uniform day. There were style queens to onesies. But why were we fundraising?

Cobham FPS representatives!

First of all, what is FPS? Well, it’s a program for auditioned students. They are given a “future scene” or a story based on an issue based on a topic; this terms is Drones. They make a little booklet either as teams of four or individuals with challenges and solutions to the future scene. There is a competition in terms 1-3, and our representatives Hugh Ryan (R19) and Francie Liebert (now at Burnside High School) both got into National and International competitions for their stunning booklets last year!

The International competition (simply knows as Internationals) will be held in America this year! Of course, this means fundraising for flight tickets is involved too. This is why it was a gold coin donation! Every cent is greatly appreciated.

Bronwyn Rankin coaches the Cobham FPS teams for this year. If you want to learn more, go to this website!

Clara McCosker :)

Student Reporter